Revealing the portrait of the Foreign Investment Fund preparing to pour capital into Meey Land


‘In the process of developing the Proptech Ecosystem and attracting investment, Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company is having many advantages and prospects when it has just ”fallen into the eye” of Alamat Capital Fund from Singapore.’

According to information from Alamat Capital, in the coming time, this Fund will invest in the Vietnamese Proptech market.

Revealing a huge investment fund entering the Vietnamese market

It is known that this is a fund based in Singapore with an office system in many countries around the world such as some countries in Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam… The fund is likened to a “strategist” to help build appropriate and effective plans for businesses from finding business partners, establishing joint ventures to planning new market penetration.

Alamat Capital’s partner network is diverse and extensive including many private equity funds, venture capital funds, multinational corporations around the world. Not only has strengths in the field of investment, Alamat Capital also has many advantages in consulting and research. The fund has many sources of information and a system of senior experts in most countries to help plan suitable solutions for business development. Besides, Alamat Capital also has a solid foundation in Banking, Financial Services, Fintech, Payment, SaaS, E-commerce, Software Development, Telecommunications, MediaTech…

Technology is one of the four target industries of Alamat Capital

Alamat Capital focuses on development and long-term cooperation. The Fund is always looking for partners in many different industries/jobs but must ensure that it meets the Fund’s strict investment criteria: Having a history of continuous growth, having a technology background, revenue of over 500 billion/year; Sustainable competitive advantage, strong brand identity; Great growth potential; Experienced management team in the field of development; Having a divestment strategy for investors….

Therefore, Alamat Capital has made a strong impression on the world investment market through successful international deals in many fields such as technology and finance (Tapp, 4Gives, Nook, RIPA), energy and environment (Descycle), Manufacturing Industry (CirPro)… Most of Alamat Capital’s partners after cooperation have achieved great achievements in the process of restructuring capital and business activities as well as increasing the level of foreign capital attraction….

Qwikwire is a major partner of Alamat Capital in real estate solutions. This is a Delawe Group operating in Manila – Philippines. Through cooperative efforts between the two sides, Qwikwire achieved stable growth in profit and revenue. Qwikwire also creates significant appeal in the Philippines with an extensive customer system including many well-known real estate developers such as DMCI; Century Properties; Double Dragon; Revolution Pre-crafted…. At the same time, Qwikwire succeeded in being funded by investment fund from Silicon Valley 500 Globale and the network of Manila angel investors.

What problems does the Meey Land start-up interest fund solve?

Mr. Mark Forsyth – CEO of Alamat Capital emphasized: “When learning about the Proptech Vietnam market, Meey Land is a name that attracts great attention to Alamat Capital’s investment appraisal experts. We value Meey Land as a start-up with many advantages in the industry such as fast growth rate, attractive market position, high level of competition that promises to be a potential partner of Alamat Capital. With many available advantages of Meey Land, we believe that this start-up has enough capacity to accompany Alamat Capital in the future to exploit and take full advantage of the available strengths of the Vietnamese real estate market. At the same time, increase value and profit for both parties. ‘Merging with Meey Land plays a role in paving the way for our upcoming series of deals in Vietnam and opens up many prospects for long-term cooperation.”’

Mr. Mark Forsyth – Founder and CEO of Alamat Capital

“Receive investment from Alamat Capital will help Meey Land open up, structure and attract more capital from foreign funds. We expect more funds to invest in Meey Land in the near future. Since its inception, Meey Land has built a detailed business model and roadmap in stages. ‘With the vision of becoming a multinational business group, bringing ”make in Vietnam” products to the world, attracting and receiving foreign capital is an inevitable job in the strategy outlined earlier.’ Meey Land is a young Science – Technology business. After 4 years of establishment and development, Meey Land is constantly improving, improving the efficiency of technology applications/platforms, improving business methods, optimizing financial activities in parallel with standardizing the operating process according to international standards” – Mr. Hoang Mai Chung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company shared.

Meey Land technology product ecosystem addresses many different needs for the real estate market

‘Recently, Meey Land has focused on developing products in the Meey Land ”Technology – Real Estate Finance” Ecosystem.’ These technology products are considered to be breakthrough and specialized, bringing many great values such as increasing liquidity, making the most of real estate use, contributing to affirming Vietnamese intelligence – Vietnamese brand…. This ecosystem has successfully applied the latest technologies such as Big Data, AI, VR/AR/360, IoT…

Some products have been launched and well received by the market such as Meey Map – The latest planning lookup map platform, Meey CRM – Customer demand management application exclusively for real estate brokers, Meey Ads – Multi-platform automatic advertising portal for real estate, Meey Page – Specialized landing page building platform for real estate…

Meey Land is also a typical innovation enterprise when winning many prestigious awards in the field of technology such as Sao Khue, Vietnam Digital Awards, Top Industry 4.0 Vietnam… With outstanding advantages and policies to support and promote the development of the State in comprehensive digital transformation in the real estate sector, Meey Land will certainly take advantage of the opportunity for outstanding development in the future.