Choosing the first Vietnamese proptech enterprise to cooperate, what commitment does the Singapore investment fund make?


( – On August 10, Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company and Alamat Capital Fund officially signed a strategic cooperation contract with items to support businesses to structure capital sources, attract investment and financial strategy advisors. Accordingly, Alamat Capital is committed to accompanying Meey Land on the path towards the goal of becoming a multinational corporation with a billion-dollar capitalization

The signing ceremony of financial strategic cooperation between Meey Land and Alamat Capital took place in Hanoi

Successful with many international deals, especially in Asia and Southeast Asia, Alamat Capital – an investment fund from Singapore entered the Vietnamese market for the first time with a strategic cooperation deal with Meey Land – a pioneer in the field of proptech.

The first Vietnamese proptech enterprise was chosen by the Singapore Investment Fund for financial cooperation

Alamat Capital, with many branches in Asia, known as a well-known strategist in the region, has helped many businesses build effective and appropriate plans, from attracting capital, finding business partners, establishing joint ventures, entering new markets… Alamat Capital has succeeded with many international deals worth up to trillions of dong in many fields, such as technology and finance (Tapp, 4Gives, Nook, RIPA), energy and environment (Descycle), manufacturing industry (CirPro)…

This cooperation deal with Meey Land promises to open up a lot of potential to develop the proptech market in Vietnam. Before being “watched” by Alamat Capital, Meey Land is also a partner of many banks and large domestic and foreign corporations, such as: VietinBank AMC, Agribank, TPBank, PwC Vietnam, Richard Moore Associates…

Mr. Mark Forsyth, founder of Alamat Capital Fund shared about the strategic cooperation deal with Meey Land

Sharing about his decision to cooperate with Meey Land and invest in proptech in Vietnam, Mr. Mark Forsyth, founder and General Director of Alamat Capital said: “With 35 years of experience in the field of information technology, finance, proptech and fintech, I consider Asia as a potential market and expected to develop at a remarkable speed. Alamat Capital has had many investment deals in Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia)… and Vietnam is our next destination. We highly appreciate proptech businesses with the same competitive position and advantage as Meey Land. Strategic cooperation with Meey Land, we expect to be able to apply our experiences in the fields of finance, proptech, fintech to help businesses move faster towards medium and long-term goals.

In the short term, we will promote the settlement and opening of capital for Meey Land. To do that, we will support financial strategy consulting, business planning and forecasting, market development for the company’s proptech products; participate in investing and managing capital acquisition projects; helping businesses access capital from Alamat Capital’s partners. We expect that, in the next 1 year, Meey Land will have access to many reputable capital sources to invest in product development, business changes more positive and breakthrough”.

Expect to open up capital, surpass revenue

As a proptech enterprise, Meey Land has the vision of becoming a “Multinational Business Group” with a “technology – real estate finance” ecosystem, listed on SEHK (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) and has a capitalization of billions of dollars.

Up to now, Meey Land has a strong team, about 400 high-quality personnel with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Meey Land ecosystem includes many products that have been solving the specific needs of the real estate market, such as: 4.0 authentic real estate portal – and Meey Land app; the latest planning lookup map platform – Meey Map; customer demand management application exclusively for real estate brokers – Meey CRM; real estate valuation tool applying AI technology – Meey Value; 3D solution platform in transactions real estate – Meey 3D… Among them, Meeu CRM and Meey Map are two potential products that are expected to bring breakthrough revenue to Meey Land in the near future.

Meey Land President Hoang Mai Chung expects the cooperation to help Meey Land accelerate in the near future

According to Mr. Hoang Mai Chung, Chairman of the Board of Directors Meey Land: “The company is on the right path with the original goals. From the backgrounds and achievements we have achieved, we are completely confident in the future of our business. However, in order to reach out internationally and attract investment capital, we need to cooperate to accompany reputable organizations, need strategic advice and advice on financial methodical and professionalism. In cooperation with Alamat Capital Fund, we expect this to be a turning point to help Meey Land accelerate. When having a strong financial foundation, structure and reasonable use of capital for product and business development activities, Meey Land will move faster towards the goal of becoming a billion-dollar business”.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, Director of Meey Land Finance also added that the financial strategic cooperation with Alamat Capital Fund marked an important milestone in the company’s development process, bringing the Meey Land brand to the regional and international markets.

According to the signed agreement, Alamat Capital will accompany Meey Land to consolidate all existing resources, strongly strengthen domestic business activities and open up opportunities to access many large foreign capital sources in the future.

Having the “first” of a large fund, Meey Land expects to solve the problem of investment capital for businesses, stabilize the financial foundation and have more resources for a period of outstanding growth in revenue, profit and capitalization…