The Australian Property Institute announces a new partnership with Valocity


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The Australian Property Institute (API) has today announced a partnership with Valocity, an industry leading property valuation Platform.

The Australian Property Institute (API) and Valocity are delighted to announce a new strategic and innovative ‘member benefit’ partnership, aimed at enhancing the technology tools available to the profession, value for members and income diversification for the Institute.

The two organisations have collaborated to co-design APIX (API Property Exchange) delivering industry-leading, best practice, security compliant data services to API members.

The API recognises the industry eco-system is rapidly changing and constantly strive to develop tools to support members accelerate innovation and to provide choice in their business models and contracted services. By partnering with Valocity, this newly developed industry solution will be made available to API members.

Valocity is well recognised for their cloud-based technology and data transforming the valuation process. Across Australasia Valocity connects the entire ecosystem of lenders, brokers, valuers and their customers in One Smart Platform to automate and streamline the property valuation process. Recently the company won Fintech of the Year at the India Fintech Awards in recognition of their innovative solutions.
Amelia Hodge and Carmen Vicelich at Valocity’s 5th Birthday Celebration. November 2019.
Amelia Hodge and Carmen Vicelich at Valocity’s 5th Birthday Celebration. November 2019.
The APIX application has been designed to meet API members needs and collates, cross-references and aligns disparate data sources to provide comprehensive Australian property analysis in an intuitive digital platform.

Integral to the strategic partnership is ongoing collaborative innovation, with the API setting up an industry working group to guide future enhancements of APIX. This aligns with Valocity’s core values in that “better never stops”.

API CEO Amelia Hodge said, “We commit to our members a platform of business support innovation and this partnership is a further example of that to the industry.”

Carmen Vicelich, Founder and Global CEO said, “The secret to innovation is collaboration. We’re proud to continue to work with our ecosystem to help API members leverage the best data and technology and in a transparent way that creates value for all.”


Review the Alamat client details page for Valocity here.