Smart Corporate Bus Solutions

On-demand Optimised Routing and Fleet

Executive Summary

SWAT provides on-demand employee transportation for large corporations and industrial parks. Their integrated technology facilitates efficient transport for commuters through ride pooling in high-capacity vehicles. They have already raised US$10M in Series A funding, in 2019.

SWAT is different to regular ride-hailing services. Its algorithm allows for car-pooling in vehicles of varying passenger capacity, and dynamically optimises routing and bus fleet size, in real time. This is an extremely complex process, especially when dealing with large passenger volume,  coming from disparate areas. Their technology is already proven in the real world; one of their large clients uses SWAT’s technology to pick up more than 1,600 employees, from close to their homes, and send them directly to their workplace. SWAT currently holds several top positions in the Li & Lim tech benchmark, which measures the efficiency of pickup and delivery within a given time frame.

The business already has significant operations with corporate customers in Singapore and Vietnam. It also runs a public on-demand public bus service in Australia, providing first/last-mile connection from North-West Sydney to the new Sydney Metro. 

SWAT conducted the Singapore Land Transport Authority’s public on-demand bus trials in 2019.

Alamat is assisting SWAT with market expansion into the Philippines.

We are open to discussions of key strategic partnerships and product/segment development. 

deal highlights

  • Expanding into the Philippines market
  • On-demand employee transportation and tech for large corporations and industrial parks.
  • Extremely suitable for the BPO industry.
  • Proven solution in Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia.
  • Well funded: $10M Series A round closed in 2019.
  • Looking for strategic partnerships in the Philippines, as well as corporate customers.

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