Accelerate Innovation

Zynapse is a unified and modular platform which allows fast end to end business digitalisation

Executive Summary

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions."

- Steve Jobs

In this age of hyper-competition – what makes any enterprise unique ? Be it - small or medium or large enterprise.  The secret sauce of every business is its unique way of operations--how it strategizes, identifies opportunities, goes to market, produces its goods / service and manages its customers.

In IT / Digitisation of the business, this means customisation.  This demands sizable resources – both - monetary and management time. This marginalises the SME sector who are trying to keep up by investing in standardised software / apps.

It is said:

“Standardisation is the enemy of Uniqueness ….and

Uniqueness is the enemy of Standardisation.”

Until today.

Zynapse – A cloud-based SaaS platform for small and medium businesses to organize and deploy operations resulting in a digital operations platform highly customized for every business at an extremely affordable cost.

Zynapse allows for:

Better decision-making

With a unified operations platform, you have all data from multiple channels collected in one place. Central data means – the same data set as reference for everyone. In built, Business intelligence features allow you to perform individual analyses and reporting in seconds and keep an eye on all business activities.

 Improved Customer Experience

A unified digital operations platform ensures faster turnaround times and builds accountability internally – which is always a benefit to customers. Shorter wait times and quicker responses with transparency give customers the confidence that their needs are important and being taken seriously.

Increased productivity & efficiency
Many manual workflows also cost a lot of time. By automating these workflows basis a data driven business rule or an event, employees can focus on what's important and thus work more productively. A centralized platform also breaks down data silos between departments and facilitates collaboration.

Simple Integration Options

Companies often already have a historically grown system landscape. Zynapse can easily pull / push data to your existing IT systems – thus ensuring operational familiarity & business continuity.

Ease of use

Zynapse is a low-code platform thus enabling employees and stakeholders closest to the operations to build and configure the tools they need as well as modify or design new tools to meet evolving business needs.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Low cost of subscription – Since a business pays only for what they use the cost of subscription remains low.
  • Low cost on manpower – Management time is required optimally, for a process at a time, they have to come on only on the processes which are core to them.
  • Low cost of implementation and consulting – _Zynapse is a low code system which ensures that anyone with the correct process knowledge can configure it.

Zynapse is the platform for every business to organize and deploy its operations.

deal highlights

  • USD4 mil series A
  • Capital raise
  • Business Development
  • Partner Acquistion