We turn designers into software engineers

Executive Summary

Valkyrie is an editing software that enables designers, 3d artists and regular folks to create AR & 3D content without any knowledge of code or programming. This is made possible by our intuitive timeline based editor which allows you to setup all the interactions in an intuitive, visual manner.

Valkyrie is software for designers and AR modelers that allows them to combine digital assets into interactive presentations and applications. Its ease of use and functionality lies somewhere between a standard presentation software on steroids and a powerful gaming engine. It’s built for non-programmers who want to make content. Our vision is to be as accessible as Canva and as powerful as Unity.

Our technology is suitable for the creation of Prototypes, Augmented Reality Experiences, Mobile Applications, Games and bespoke Enterprise Solutions.

It is used by top-tier enterprises as well as government agencies in North America and APAC.

3,000,000 users in 5 years!

deal highlights

  • US$ 2mil Convertible Note
  • Pre Series A
  • Identity verification technology
  • 20% discount to series A

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