Paycode (Pty) Ltd

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Executive Summary

At Paycode, our vision is giving biometric identity and access to financial services to the unbanked.

Paycode provides a secure end-to-end payment gateway that makes sending and receiving payments easy.

Our industry-leading payments solution works for anyone, anywhere using our custom-designed technology in security, biometric identification, verification and authentication, fraud prevention, agent banking, offline real-time transacting, know-your-customer (KYC) and digital money.

  • Paycode’s solution uses biometric digital identity to guarantee proof of life, reduce inefficiencies and save costs. Our technology ensures data and payments integrity using secure, verified and authenticated unique identity.
  • Paycode’s solution enables last mile delivery of financial services or any other digital data transaction. The solution can process transactions offline in real time, no connectivity is required to provide financial inclusion.
  • Paycode’s solution is completely interoperable with existing technology infrastructure. Whether its mobile money integration, alternative payment platforms or integrating open-loop and closed-loop card payment scheme, we take existing banking solutions further.

deal highlights

  • Guaranteed proof of life
  • Reaching the last mile
  • Simplicity & interoperability
  • Solving Financial Inclusion

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