MUTE is the future of E-mobility

Don't buy an Electric Vehicle. Subscribe, and take the noise out of ownership.

Executive Summary

MUTE is revolutionizing the usage of 2 & 4 wheeled electric vehicles by offering a web and mobile based, monthly subscription program for a dedicated vehicle.

No sharing, no deposit, no fixed contract, no obsolescence, no loss or theft and a low monthly fee - none of the noise of ownership.

MUTE is part of a smart and green urban transportation evolution.

As people, cities and governments prepare for the post carbon economy, urban EV transport will be key contributor to cleaner air, smarter cities, better transport options and logistics, and reduced costs and time for millions of commuters in Asia and the World.

Dockless sharing or purchase of expensive EVs are not for everyone and not available to large portion of the developing world. We are offering a third way - simply subscribe from your phone.

The MUTE product platform is 2 wheel and 4 wheel EVs with removeable , lightweight LI-Ion batteries, dual GPS and smart battery management systems.

MUTE is a UK company, based in Shanghai(PRC), with operations in Bali, Indonesia , Australia, Taipie(PRC) and the UK. We plan to expand to Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand markets in early 2020.

MUTE is funded through a successful CrowdCube Seed raise in 2017 and subsequent seed and angel investors. We are actively seeking interested partners and investors.

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