Ministry of Helpers

To find the best Maid or Employer

Executive Summary

Ministry of Helpers is the go-to platform for both employers and domestic helpers to connect, develop the perfect working relationship and ultimately create better homes.

We empower both employers and foreign domestic workers with tools and advice to facilitate the maid hiring process and ongoing management and personal growth.

Perspective & Value Led Proposition

Context - Not only is domestic work a significant economic contributor, it also has many, more intangible, impacts that are often forgotten. Despite the significance of this sector it’s archaic with human-bondage-like practices lead to inhumane circumstances.

Perspective - This part of society is deprived of the benefits of technology and globalization that have helped to bring equalization and economic progression. Leading to inequality, disappointment and value reduction, humanly and financially

Conviction - We believe there must be a better way. More productive, more transparent, more equal, more human ways to find each other, work together and grow together.

Value Proposition - Ministry of Helpers enables the power of choice, power of growth, the power of partnership through a ‘human technology’ solution that advances both helper and employer. We do this through better matching, managing and advancing with a marketplace and growth platform;providing “Progress for All”.

User Experience - Intuitive, transparent, efficient, empathetic and human.

deal highlights

  • Capital Raise
  • USD4mil
  • Business partner acquisition