Liquidity Provider

for the Next Generation of Capital Markets

Executive Summary

Advancements in Fintech allow us all to buy and sell listed assets from all over the world in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, one big problem remains: the most renown exchanges and listed companies attract most for the traders/investors, whereas the rest remain relatively illiquid.

Illiquid assets bring distrust, preventing participants from stepping in and amazing companies from getting visibility. The lack of liquidity makes these assets subject of high volatility and even market manipulation, which raises distrust from traders, reproducing the cycle.

We strongly believe that democratization of capital markets won’t take place until those assets are accessible and actually traded.

Deltablock is a liquidity provider focused on enhancing market conditions of relatively illiquid assets, making them easier to exchange in trading venues. We make those securities accessible in the market by enhancing its market quality.

Our Mission

To accelerate the world's transition to more democratic capital markets by Improving the liquidity of less liquid stocks.

Our Vision

Create opportunities for listed companies to harness the full potential of capital markets.

deal highlights

  • DeltaBlock builds trading algorithms able to enhance sustainable liquidity 

  • Transforming a less liquid asset into a tradeable one

  • Deltablock puts listed companies on the radar of traders around the world

  • DeltaBlock uses fast reacting-trading algorithms to strategically execute operations in a regulated exchange, using resources provided by the listed firm

  • Higher efficiency for smaller assets

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